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Please tell us what are you going to Pack in it and if this packaging will be used in Post as well....
This is where our specialists will Jump in to help you. The more you tell us, the easy it will get for us to understand your needs and to offer you the best and cheapest solution. please send us any images you have of your product with size of the product, weight of the product etc or any other details you know we should consider generating the price quote for you. Write below this.....
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Board is like Business Card Material
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Tip :  Standard business card is about 300 to 350 gsm.

Brown recycled card Thickness?

How Strong ?

Choose how heavy duty corrugation you need.
Single wall are 3 Layers ( Inner sheet + Piping/Fluting + Outer Sheet)
Double Wall are 5 Layers ( Inner Sheet + Piping/Fluting + Middle Sheet + Piping/Fluting + Outer Sheet)

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Please Choose Corrugation Color.

Printing Colors ?

How Many color Printing is in your design or you would like to print ?

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Gloss is Shiny Look 
Matt is bit Dull Look

Hot Foiling?

Spot UV ?


Window ?

How about Window on the Box?
Window Without Plastic= You can touch the product from outside the box.

Window with Plastic  = Can Not Touch The product from outside the box

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No Maximum limit.

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